Unboxing Women



What is unboxing women?

Hello! We are Maika & Dana from Unboxing Women and this pod is about the gender gap and how women and LGBTQ+ are marginalised in the music and entertainment industry.

It all started after we realised both of us had been called a bitch just for knowing what we want and being assertive about it to the men around us, and if being a knowledgeable woman makes us a bitch, then we are #suchabitch and we’ll show you just what a bitch can do.

If you’re active in the music and entertainment industry, an independent artist, a musician, or are just curious about how it all works, then this pod is for you.

We think it is important to hold these issues to the light and continue to share the stories of women in the business and call out sexism and misogyny, because it is the only way to make change happen.

A couple of topics we’ve touched upon so far: sexism in the T&S of social media, female stereotypes in movies, imposter syndrome, why everyone is so pissed at Billie Eilish, being trans in the arts, #whysomale festival lineups, Taylor Swift’s butt, and many more.

Join us as we unbox the underlying truth and discuss taboo topics, as well as bring on guests revealing the dirty little secrets of the music business and what is really going on behind the scenes. 

If there is anything you would like us to talk about send us a DM on our Instagram @unboxingwomen or an email on suchabitch@unboxingwomen.com